Founded in 1977

Quality & Innovation At the service of creativity

Our Core Values

Integrity & Ethics



Customer satisfaction


  • Innovative and creative surface
  •  Providing good quality material for valuable customer
  •  Save the environment by an optimum and minimal waste of wood and surface material.

Leadership in modular furniture & finishes by providing top quality that reflects high-end trends.

In what we believe

Because health and safety are rights. Preserving and promoting the quality of the environment and defending the health and safety of people is always convenient. Accident can be prevented. At Alcova, We have adopted system for the constant and systematic evaluation of any possible risk. We have applied safety procedure for the maintenance and management of equipment and process. We took on the training of our staff so that everyone is responsible for their own safety and for that of their colleagues. Because competent people work safely.

Because innovation is a social process that is not to be followed alone. Goals are only achieve by working together, by being constantly commitment to promote and to facilitates synergy at all levels, in a logic of network and co-designing. Alcova is not an organization, but an “Organism” that lives thanks to the quality and the value of people on which Alcova wants to continue investing.

Because there is no design without innovation in a constant balance between aesthetic and performance, between emotion and technique, between simplicity and creativity, innovation and design look to the future-a future to build together, sharing, collaborating, and co- designing with clients and partners.

Because reliability is a moral obligation to Alcova. Over 44 years of history are proof that: ” We know what we are doing and we know how to do it well. ” Alcova excellence is a matter of fact. In the design the future, in the solution for the clients, in the choice of the technologies, in the selection of the raw materials, in the manufacturing process, in the management of people, in the internal organization, in the relationship with partners.

Because passion is an essential ingredient in the creative process. Alcova pursues the research of a tangible and concrete quality with dedication. in all types of applications of furnitures. Clients and partners are aware of what Alcova is made of: a team of professionals, but also of people, and this is the best guarantee possible.

Milestones & Achievements


First ever we started in wooden industry .


Opened first branch by plywood vertical.


Entered in imported wood industry with another vertical.


Opened 3rd branch.


Entered in plywood distribution verticals.


Entered in laminate distribution verticals.


Opened 4th showroom.


Entered in natural veneer verticals.


Opened 5th showroom of exclusive furniture hardware fittings.


Started manufacturing in fastener industry.


Started manufacturing in european standard modular furniture industry.


Merged all branches in milstoned as in LP INTPRO.